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  • Power Bank LS-5000

Power Bank LS-5000


LS-5000Power Bank LS-50001) Polymer battery
2) Type-C input: 5.0V,2.0A
3) Output: 5.0V,2.1A
4) Color: five colors or customized
5) Size: 112*48*11.5mm
6) Plastic cases
7) WEIGHT: 89g
5000mAhLS series Power bank

Compact and Convenient
The lightweight, portable powerstation easily fits in your bag so you can always have a boost of power wherever you go.

with 2A Type C input and USB A Output

LED Power Indicator
The integrated four-light LED power indicator displays charging status and the current battery life.

With multi-national safety certificates and protection system to ensure safety use
It has adopted PCB System Setting Protection, including Over Charge Voltage Protection, Over Discharge Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Temperature Protection & Automatic Power Cutoff Protection.
It has acquired CE, FCC, ROHS IEC62368 and IEC62133 international safety certificates, and Global Product Liability Insurance to ensure safety and reliability of the battery.

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